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2013-009: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Telaen <= 1.3.0

2013-009: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Telaen <= 1.3.0

Original release date: March 15th, 2013
Last revised:
June 4th, 2013
Discovered by: Manuel García Cardenas
4,8/10 (CVSS Base Score)
CVE-2013-2621, CVE-2013-2623, CVE-2013-2624


Telaen is a webmail reader application supporting both IMAP and POP3 protocols. It can be installed without dependence of any PHP's extra modules or a separate database. It is Open source software published under GNU General Public License (GPL).

The last version of Telaen is 1.3.0 released on January 2012.


Telaen 1.3.0 and lower versions contain a flaw that allows a remote redirection attack. This flaw exists because the application does not properly sanitise the file "redir.php". This allows an attacker to create a specially crafted URL, that if clicked, would redirect a victim from the intended legitimate web site to an arbitrary web site of the attacker's choice.

Aditionaly, it has been detected a reflected XSS vulnerability in Telaen 1.3.0 and lower versions, that allows the execution of arbitrary HTML/JavaScript code to be executed in the context of the victim user's browser. The code injection is done through the parameter "f_email" in the page index.php.

Due to the errors caused by the application Telaen 1.3.0 and lower versions, we can display the full webapp installation path.







REDIRECT: An attacker can redirect any user to any malicious website. Below I have mentioned the vulnerable URL.

XSS: An attacker can execute arbitrary HTML or JavaScript code in a targeted user's browser, this can leverage to steal sensitive information as user credentials, personal data, etc.

FULL PATH DISCLOSURE: An attacker can obtain the full path to the applitation and if the webroot is getting leaked, attackers may abuse the knowledge and use it in combination with file inclusion vulnerabilites to steal configuration files regarding the web application or the rest of the operating system.


Versions of Telaen < v1.3.1.


REDIRECT AND XSS: All data received by the application and can be modified by the user, before making any kind of transaction with them must be validated.

FULL PATH DISCLOSURE: Turn off display errors in the configuration and unify the error pages.


March 15, 2013: Initial release.
June 4, 2013: Last release


  • March 15, 2013: Vulnerability acquired by Internet Security Auditors (
  • March 20, 2013: Sent to Devel Team.
  • March 28, 2013: Schedule for new version.
  • April 4, 2013: New version published.
  • June 3, 2013: Advisory sent to lists.


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